About Us

The Arabian Thoroughbred is a breed that has never been mixed with any other breed and has a closed studbook. They have looked mostly the same through thousands of years and we wish to preserve and pass on its beauty, intelligence, strenght, kindness and speed.                Arasaa Hadassa

We raise Arabian horses with straight or partly Egyptian bloodlines. We appreciate horses with strong backs, good legs and hooves, beautiful heads and a gentle temperament. Durability and cooperativeness, harmonious body and beautiful eyes are hallmarks in our work, horses that can work and like it. Habibah Amira

The Arabian horse is a versitale horse that are suitable to most riding disciplines as well as driving and as a family horse. Zafirah

Arasaa Hadassa

We strive to breed beautiful, wellbuilt horses with free and good movements, that are nice and comfortable to ride and with the specifically lovely temperament that the Arabian is known for and that makes it a joy to be toghether with it.Sweet Hero

The height varies between 1,45 – 1,55 m.

Habibah Amira

Our stud farm is beautifully situated in the south part of Sweden.Arasaa Hadassa with foal

Love, joy and harmony are keywords in all our contact with the horses. We wish to build a good communication and understanding between horse and human with mutual respect and trust.Hakim

Sweet Hero

The Arabian Thoroughbred is courageous, proud, persistent, loving, intelligent and patient, noble and true and full of  humour and zest for life. Sometimes we have horses for sale, please contact us for more information.ZafirahYou are always welcome for a visit.Al Hazir El Dine

Sweet Amin

Amir Farid