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Endgame Strategy

Shereshevsky's masterful advisor to endgame play is a necessary paintings for each aspiring participant. utilizing vintage examples from grandmaster perform, including smooth illustrations and instructive video games by way of lesser-known avid gamers, Shereshevsky lucidly explains the fundamental ideas of the endgame: king centralization, the function of pawns, replacing items, suppressing counterplay, weaknesses, and lots more and plenty extra.

Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces: 100 Selected Games

Many specialists say that had Rubinstein now not long past mad, the good Polish grandmaster could were the equivalent of Capablanca and Alekhine. listed below are a hundred of his top games—against these males, in addition to such rivals as Euwe, Janowski, Kashdan, Marshall, Tarrasch, etc. His hugely unique contributions to chess conception can't be neglected through any severe participant.

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I discovered the secret of this endgame. After an hour and a half, play resumed. Ke6-eS 41 Kf4-e3 42 Rc3·c2 ! move. c4-c3 Rc8-d8+ 42 43 Ke 3·d3 My opponent spent quite a while in thought before making this move ; al­ ready he could see that the game must end in a draw. In the Lasker-Rubin" stein game, there were no h·pawns (otherwise, the position is identical, with colors reversed) ; by analogy with our game, Black won by playing 43 . . Rc7 44 Ke 3 Rh7, followed by . . Rh7-h 3·g 3 ). White could not avoid this continua­ tion, as the pawn ending was lost.

Rf•c8 Kg•f7 . Kf7·e6 33 .... 34 Kg2·f3 3S Kf3·e3 36 f2·f4 The onset of time-pressure somewhat spoiled this phase of the game ; other­ wise, however, we would have lost a valuable endgame! White's last move is weak, since it gives Black the central square eS for his king. Black, despite his advantage, is not likely to win. 3 6 .... 37 Ke 3xf4 38 b3xc4 eSxf4+ c5·c4 38 39 h2·h4 bSxc4 h7·h6 Otherwise 38 . . b4. ••• It might seem 11trange that this natural move should grant White new saving chances.

That almost everything necessary for this formulation already existed in the program, In order to test our basic hypothesis, Stilman formulated it in basic language, and once again went to the computer. ' think", the computer made the first move in its analysis : 30 Ba3 • . . We are now in the process of preparing the formulation for the exchange of conjunctive values in exact accordance with the algorithm. We have hopes that " Pioneer" will find the same variations, and only those same variations, which went through Capablanca's head and mine when we considered the dia­ grammed position.

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