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A concise reference for researchers at the protest events of the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, this ebook covers the historical past of a number of the nationwide protest activities, the transnational elements of those activities, and the typical narratives and cultures of reminiscence surrounding them.

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Marches under the CND symbol took place, as well as nonviolent actions like sit-down strikes or the so-called “Die-Ins,” where demonstrators lay down on a signal as if they were dead. Influence on the 1968 Protest Movement Historical research has hardly noticed the role and effect of the international peace movement on the New Left and the protest movements of 1968. This gap 42 Michael Frey seems to be unjustified, especially when considering the plethora of personal and intellectual links between the two movements.

15 Above all, the Situationists received attention because of their participation in the events of 1968. ”16 The small group’s opinions often flowed into the countercultural ideology without specifically being named. For example, there was a decidedly Situationist character to a number of countercultural watchwords. A report from Paris in 1968 stated, “The revolution which is beginning will call in question not only capitalist society but industrial society. The consumer’s society must perish of a violent death.

4. Thomas Crow, The Rise of the Sixties. American and European Art in the Era of Dissent 1955–69 (London: Weidenfels and Nicolson, 1996), 52. 5. Guy Debord, “Report on the Construction of Situations and on the Terms of Organization and Action of the International Situationist Tendency,” in Guy Debord and the Situationist International: Texts and Documents, ed. Tom McDonough(Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2004), 46. 6. Wollen, “Bitter Victory,” 25. 7. Situationist International, “The Bad Days Will End,” 84.

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