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By Ines Galiano

"Pioveva e faceva freddo il giorno in cui saltò". Inizia così questa storia di suspense ambientata nel mondo finanziario. 

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Howard sat across from me at my dining room table, tapping his foot in a nervous staccato on my hardwood floor. I couldn’t help noticing that his fingernails were bitten to oblivion. “Look, Howard,” I said as gently as I could. “Let’s face facts. Under ordinary circumstances, Stacy might not go out with you. ” Howard blinked, puzzled. ” Good Lord. What planet was this guy from, anyway? ” Right. And Oreos aren’t fattening. ” With cats, it’s hard to tell. “I prefer to think of it as a means to an end,” I said.

Yes,” I lied. Well, it wasn’t a total lie. After all, I’d just come from police headquarters, hadn’t I? ” “Stacy Lawrence was murdered in her bed last night,” I said in my most cop-like manner. “My God, that’s terrible,” he said, running his fingers through a shock of thick, sandy hair. “But I don’t get it. Stacy doesn’t live in Number Six. ” “Not anymore. ” (Notice how I said “the victim” instead of “Stacy”? Very coppish, n’est ce pas? ” “Wow, she must’ve been steamed,” he said. At least, that’s what I think he said.

Of course, it could have been spaghetti sauce, or strawberry margarita mix. It was hard to tell for sure. ” Elaine was back with a bag of cookies. She held it out, and I took one. ” “World-class bitch,” she said through cookie crumbs, chocolate gathering in the corners of her mouth. ” “Sweet as pie if you were someone who could do her any good. Treated you like shit if you couldn’t. Men loved her, of course. Blond hair, big boobs. That’s what men really want. ” She was right, of course. Life isn’t fair, especially to short, stocky nurses with a fondness for chocolate.

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