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This is often the second one quantity of a three-volume old and literary remark of the 8 books of Thucydides, the nice fifth-century BC historian of the Peloponnesian conflict among Athens and Sparta. Books iv-v.24 hide the years 425-421 BC and include the Pylos-Spakteria narrative, the Delion crusade, and Brasidas' operations within the north of Greece. This quantity ends with the Peace of Nikias and the alliance among Athens and Sparta. a brand new characteristic of this quantity is the entire thematic creation which discusses such themes as Thucydides and Herodotus, Thucydide's presentation of Brasidas, Thucydides and kinship, speech--direct and indirect--in iv-v.24, Thucydides and epigraphy (including own names), iv-v.24 as a piece of paintings: cutting edge or only incomplete? Thucydides meant his paintings to be "an eternal ownership" and the ongoing value of his paintings is undisputed. Simon Hornblower's statement, via translating each passage of Greek commented on for the 1st time, permits readers with very little Greek to understand the aspect of Thucydides' inspiration and subject-matter. an entire index on the finish of the quantity.

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Clearly, Hunter's suggestion was completely independent of Luschnat, but the duplication of effort is a warning that older works have their value, on literary as well as historical aspects of Thucydides. All that said, I think it is true that there has been a shift in Thucydidean studies since about i960, and that we have come to take this so much for granted that, when Momigliano's Sather lectures of the early 1960s were finally published in 1 9 9 ο , what they said about Thucydides did not seem as exciting as perhaps it did on delivery.

5) at Th. vii. 87. 6, at the end of the Sicilian expedition, where it appears in the form navcoXeBpia ST) TO Aeydp€vov. See Annex B under Th. vii. 87. 6. In between Strasburger and Marinatos-Rawlings, the alleged Herodotean resonance here had been denied by Dover in HCT for oddly unconvincing reasons to do with the religious outlook of the two men; but Strasburger's case was reasserted strongly by Connor in 1984, and I mentioned it in my 1987 book and discussed it in my 1992 article. Kennelly, then, has ignored one of the most discussed and most interesting candidates for a Herodotean allusion in Thucydides.

Proof can hardly be had. But it is no disproof to urge against me, as Kennelly does, that Thucydides might have cited other examples of Corinthian euergesiai listed in Herodotus such as their arbitration in Athens' favour against Thebes (Hdt. vi. 108), and that it is arbitrary to suppose that he went to Herodotus for just this one. In the context of the argument between the Corcyraeans and Corinthians, in which naval power features so prominently, an earlier naval euergesia was obviously a suitable reminder.

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