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By William H. Burt

Descriptions of 380 species comprise dimension, weight, colour, markings, variety of tooth, habitat, conduct, and comparisons with comparable species. incredible colour illustrations and line drawings express 230 animals. diversity maps in addition to images of skulls and drawings of animal tracks, dens, nests, and burrows around out the wealth of knowledge given in "the most sensible common consultant to all of North America" (Peter Warshall, entire Earth Review).

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Primates (The Britannica Guide to Predators and Prey)

From lemurs to apes to humans, primates are certain between mammals—for instance, our brains are huge in comparison to our measurement. during this quantity, readers are invited into the numerous domain names of those remarkable creatures to find the magnificent variety of primate species. Readers also will find out about the lengthy heritage of humans, from our earliest ancestors, the australopiths, to the homo sapiens of this day.

Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management

The large panda is among the world's such a lot well-known animals, yet before the biology of this threatened species has been a secret. With the surroundings present process extraordinary swap at a quick and accelerating price, can one of these hugely really expert species live to tell the tale? This publication summarizes the current nation of data approximately panda biology, encompassing themes comparable to replica, habit, nutrients, genetics and veterinary drugs.

The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals

Due to the fact that its unique ebook in 1993, The Safari spouse has been the simplest box advisor to staring at and knowing the habit of African mammals. An crucial software for naturalists touring to Africa, this re-creation has been revised to recognize the passion to these staring at those awesome animals at zoos and flora and fauna parks, and on movie.

Molecular Panbiogeography of the Tropics

Molecular stories display hugely ordered geographic styles in plant and animal distributions. The tropics illustrate those styles of neighborhood immobilism resulting in allopatric differentiation, in addition to different styles of mobilism, variety enlargement, and overlap of taxa. Integrating Earth heritage and biogeography, Molecular Panbiogeography of the Tropics is an alternate view of distributional background during which teams are older than advised by way of fossils and fossil-calibrated molecular clocks.

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