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By Philip Norrie

This publication indicates how bubonic plague and smallpox helped finish the Hittite Empire, the Bronze Age within the close to East and later the Carthaginian Empire. The booklet will study all of the attainable infectious ailments found in precedent days and convey that existence was once a regular fight for survival both keeping off or combating opposed to those infectious disorder epidemics. The publication will argue that infectious sickness epidemics are a serious hyperlink within the chain of causation for the dying of so much civilizations within the historic global and that old historians may still now not forget about them, as is at present the case.

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They document hundreds of specific prescriptions, including diverse combinations of medicines (polypharmacy). They contain evidence that they been copied from earlier papyri dating as far back as 3400 BCE. These papyri also show a consistency of prescribing: prescriptions that use plants, herbs, minerals and animal parts dissolved or mixed mainly in wine but also in beer, honey, water, milk and oil. These various solvents would have also made the medicines more palatable. 1405– 1367 BCE1 during the Eighteenth Dynasty.

For a full list of Hittite Kings refer to “The Hittites” by O. R. 1275 BCE, that is, 27 years after the end of the 20-year long 1322 BCE epidemic. The battle of Kadesh was the first ever recorded battle in ancient times and it was between the two super powers of the time namely Egypt and the Hittite Empire, and it occurred where their spheres of influence clashed in Syria. The Hittite Empire ended around 1200 BCE and was part of the catastrophe that was the end of the Bronze Age, which lasted from approximately 1200 BCE until 1150 BCE.

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