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By Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.

The physics textbook that taught of the best geniuses of our time, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford. Ford stated it contained the entire details identified concerning the topic on the time.

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50 What 166 is the Momentum MOMENTUM. ' The Momentum* of a body quantity of motion, f and implies an expression of weight and velocity at the of is its same time. How is the Momentum The Momentum of a ,.. , D lody calculated? J , . , .. its weignt by its velocity. Thus, if-the velocity of a body be represented by 5 and iU eight by 6, its momentum will be 30 167. How can a 1QS. ight body mule to much damage as be force ~ do as a large one A small or a light body may be made another body with a greater to strike against than a heavier body simply by giving it .

Simple Motion is the motion of a body a single force, and is always in a p e ll e(} by r * 7 f ton of a body impelled by a straight line single force? force that acts. What is 55 . 181. Com- in the same direction with Compound Motion is the caused by the pound Motion? O era ti on Of two or more forces at the same p time. When a body When a body is struck by 182. struck by two equalforces, forces< j n opposite directions, it will opposite directions, h)w will rest. is m it move two equal remain at ?

How The are pro- force of gravity J , . f iectiles in their mo- ascent motion and descent is and the resistance of the . air cause projectiles to affected ; gradually towards a perpendicular direction. lorm a curve both and, in . in their descending, their changed from an oblique 218. In Fig. 16 the force of projection would carry to D, while gravity would bring it to Explain Fig. 16. a ball from A If these two forces alone prevailed, the ball would proceed in the dotted line to B. D But, as the resistance of the air operates in 0.

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