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Art of a Jewish Woman

Fascinated with his tremendous and gorgeous mom, Felice, Henry Massie explores the numerous worlds she inhabited--and conquered--in this memoir.

Possessed with a awesome reward for reinventing herself, Felice was once despatched to Paris to be knowledgeable, and later fled her Polish shetl for Palestine while the Nazis got here to energy earlier than global battle II. Having escaped the Holocaust, she immigrated eventually to the United States.

She arrived penniless, labored first as a nanny for the president of Yale, and at last married and settled in St. Louis. attracted to the paintings global, she started accumulating works within the new box of summary Expressionism, turning into lively within the ny urban paintings global, lecturing on smooth artwork at Washington collage, and at last collecting a set that integrated works through Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning.

The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies

Roaming the nation-state in caravans, incomes their residing as musicians, peddlers, and fortune-tellers, the Gypsies and their elusive lifestyle represented an affront to Nazi principles of social order, labor, and racial purity. They have been branded as "asocials," burdened, and finally herded into focus camps the place many hundreds of thousands have been killed.

Germany and the Second World War Volume IX I: German Wartime Society 1939-1945: Politicization, Disintegration, and the Struggle for Survival (Germany and the Second World War)

The second one global battle affected the lives and formed the event of hundreds of thousands of people in Germany--soldiers on the entrance, girls, kids and the aged sheltering in cellars, slave workers toiling in factories, and concentration-camp prisoners and POWs clearing rubble within the Reich's devastated towns.

Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: The Final Solution in History

Used to be the extermination of the Jews a part of the Nazi plan from the very begin? Arno Mayer bargains astartling and compelling solution to this question, that is a lot debated between historians this present day. In doing so, he offers essentially the most thorough and convincing factors of the way the genocidecame approximately in Why Did the Heavens now not Darken?

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Of course, later the sportswriters nicknamed them the Suds. Emil Sick built a new stadium and fielded a winning team right away. Even my father enjoyed watching, though he preferred to attend double headers asserting that there had to be two Rainiers games to equal one Cleveland Indians game. ” He didn’t live to see the crowds at a Seattle Seahawks professional football game. My experience at Bush School was characterized by continued incompetence in arithmetic, regarded as dullness coupled with moral laxity by the truly disagreeable Miss Fox.

This was more appropriate than they knew, for years before he had endeavored to enroll a student of Chinese ancestry and was told by the Board that it would be at the cost of his job. 2. I learned that for a year I would not attend Lakeside, which began in the fifth grade. I was to be sent to the Helen Bush School. This was not the most pleasant, but neither was it an intolerable experience. The school occupied the former Lakeside campus. It was coeducational through grade four or five, but then it was entirely for girls.

I conclude the latter from the experience of what we called diagramming sentences in grades six to eight and from studying Latin beginning in the eighth grade. My view was enforced years later when as a beginning teacher of English composition at Cornell University I was ordered to use a textbook called Thinking Straight by the philosopher Monroe C. Beardsley, who, incidentally, made his reputation as an aesthetician. At the bottom of the method of this book was the syllogism and deductive logic as it might be applied to English, a hybrid of a word-order and an inflected language.

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