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Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) displays a 2H hardness as measured by the same pencil hardness test. Blending PC and PMMA could be a natural approach for improving polycarbonate hardness. Indeed miscible polymer blends usually provide physical properties which vary with blend composition in a continuous way between the property values of the pure components. However, of the nearly unlimited possible combinations of polymer blends that have been examined, a fraction of these have been reported miscible.

The laser passes through the transmissive part, is absorbed by the part containing the additive, heats, melts and fuses the parts together. Compatible polymers, both chemically and melting point, have to be used. For example, it is possible to weld PC to PC and PC to ABS but not ABS to PET due to the different morphologies. It is also difficult, to laser weld PP to PE, due to the different melting temperatures of the two polymers. Clamping and clamping pressures are also a great influencing factor in successful laser welding.

Half Page 5 of 10 pages Additives Paper 10 – Raspail 26-27 September 2012 – Aachen, Germany Addcom 2012 of the latter is dry blended with all the polyolefin blends and fed to the upstream hopper of the extruder. The other half of additives blend is fed to the hopper halfway down the barrel. 5%, which is a main difference with maleic anhydride based coupling agent. With such a low addition level of silane, development time to optimize the formulation is much longer, requiring a lot of tweaking to reach requirements therefore leading to high development cost.

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