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This quantity includes approximately 375 letters from J.S. Mill. incorporated during this checklist are Mill's letters to Henry Cole and Theodor Gomperz.

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Jonathan Cutmore, Michele Green, Elizabeth King, and Jannifer SmithRubenzahl, who have worked at the Mill Project at Victoria College, have given valuable assistance. Our thanks go as well to Rea Wilmshurst, the Project's editorial assistant, whose knowledge and skill have resulted in the production of a clear andmon her part--accurate text. A. von Hayek, Francis E. Mineka, and Dwight N. Lindley, who have in the past been responsible for the collection and publication of the bulk of Mill's letters.

ZThe donkey, placed equidistant from two bundles of fodder, starves because it cannot decide which to eat. The dilemma, known as asinus Buridani, is traditionally attributed to Jean Buridan (ca. 1290-ca. 1358). P. for Montmse, best known for his constant attempts at eeonornie reform, close associate of James Mill (1773-1836), whose schoolmate he had been. Anthony Hammond (1758-1838), hamster and advocate of Benthamite legal reforms. 1 very great extent. He has already consolidated the whole of the Criminal Law, which it is intended to bring into Parlt either as one bill or a series of bills so as to supersede all the present system: 4 he means next to go to work upon the civil law, & consolidate that too: but this consolidation he himself declares to be only preparatory to a complete codification of the whole law, common & statute: on the subject of which he has very rational ideas; and he says it would destroy the whole of the system of pleading as at present constituted, and would leave nothing to the discretion of the judge, of the evils of which he has a very strong impression.

S6 We also know, from the letters below, that disagreement occasionally occurred, and that Mill experienced the frustrations that normally result from bureaucratic delay and bungling. C. " Such errors and delays were probably not so infrequent in the Company's operation as Mill suggests. About half of the letters below to Cabell serve to illustrate stage 2 of the complicated processing of despatches. Having received Mill's draft PC, forward- _tb_. , xxviii n. ,54. 3 below, Mill is responding to various sorts of requests.

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