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I would like to be a little less lazy, do things when I make up my mind to do them instead of putting off the issue until I worry myself sick over themâ ¦. I would like to gain a lot more confidence in lifeâ be a little less vain. Above all I would like to be able to look back when Iâ m older and feel I have really done something with my life, even in some small way. However, since Iâ ve lived in London I have seen so many ill peopleâ cripples, old people. Today my friend and I saw a crippled hunchback with a massive growth on the side of his neckâ ¦.

G. lorry driver, cook, electrician, fireman, salesman, for the boys; typist (often private secretary to the boss), receptionist, housewife with part-time job for the girls. 3 In their reflections on the characteristics of these ordinary occupations there are a number of indications of the â work satisfactionsâ that these subjects consider reasonable. The conditions mentioned include, a fair living wage for a fair dayâ s work, security, prospects, interesting activities, good mates, responsibility, and being trusted to do a job competently.

6 There was substantial agreement and the table below represents the pattern which emerged. g. g. g. g. for social justice or human brotherhood 5 6 11 17 This scale broadly represents a line from egocentricity to altruism, and the above table represents the Dominant Value of each essay, but in a substantial number of cases there are indica- 7% 6 Havighurst and Taba, Adolescent Character and Personality, p. 286. < previous page page_146  < previous page page_147 Page 147 next page > next page > tions that the subject may hold values subsidiary to the central one.

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