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M is depicted as a T-related object. Figure. 3. 7) . C: latent factor; 1: constant; T: set of time points; d: measurement; X: manifest variable. Me, {3, Sd: parameters to be estimated. The three arrows of which {3 consist. may be related. To describe the associa­ tions between them in detail. a separate figure could be drawn. 15: a difference is being made between error assumed in the observed vari­ ables and parameters of the model. The estimation process is aimed at finding mappings E and 7r.

Copyrighted Material RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 24 Adaptability. It must be straightforward to adapt a representation to a specific research domain. Temporal notions. As has been stressed in the introduction, a represen­ tation should allow to express, eventually complex, temporal notions. Context. Furthermore, a notation should have provisions to express con­ textual information. Strategic Knowledge. Likewise, a notation should have provisions to rep­ resent strategies. (This also was indicated in the introduction).

10: Basic elements of F-graphs. (a) Objects and Sets; (b) Arrows and Arrow Sets. 11: Basic elements of F-graphs. (a) Relations; (b) Indication of Time dependence. Basic elements of F-graphs. 1O(a) shows how objects and sets are represented. An object is indicated by a box with 'tag' (label) placed inside. A set is indicated by a box with curly brackets ( { } ) around the tag. The tag in this case is called an example3 , an element of the set to which the other elements are alike. Objects are always boxed.

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