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By Sam Lightner Jr.

“Sam Lightner, Jr., combines stories of experience, one ancient and the opposite modern day in his page-turner . . . With its wealthy experience of position and heritage, All Elevations Unknown bargains an incredibly clean twist to an adventure-climbing tale.” –Climbing Magazine

In the spring of 1999, armed with little greater than an outline from a e-book and a map categorized “all elevations unknown,” Sam Lightner and his German rock-climbing blood brother, Volker, chanced on themselves deep within the jungles of Borneo on a venture to climb a mountain that was once basically rumored to exist. What little they knew concerning the mountain they'd realized from the memoirs of significant Tom Harrisson, a British global conflict II soldier who in 1945 have been assigned the near-impossible venture of parachuting blindly into the thick Borneo rainforest–where the natives had a grisly behavior of removing heads–to try and reclaim the island for the Allies.

A fascinating, completely unique mix of trip experience memoir and ancient new edition, All Elevations Unknown charts Lightner’s exhilarating and now and then harrowing quest to ascend the mountain Batu Lawi within the face of leeches, vipers, and sweat bees, and to maintain his crew jointly in a single of the earth’s such a lot treacherous uncharted wallet. alongside the way in which, he reconstructs a desirable old narrative that chronicles Tom Harrisson’s adventures there throughout the battle and illuminates an mind-blowing piece of forgotten international warfare II heritage. Rife with suspense and shiny element, the 2 intertwining stories open up the island of Borneo, its humans, and its background in a strong, unforgettable method, taking experience writing to new heights.

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There are Malaysian pit vipers, mangrove snakes, Popes vipers, and even Bamboo vipers, a variety nicknamed the Asian Two-Step by American soldiers during the Vietnam War who didn’t get far after a bite. All the snake books that describe these animals go to great pains to tell you how very unlikely it is that you would ever be bitten by a snake, much less killed by one, and Volker didn’t avoid research of the subject to the degree that he didn’t note that fact. As the author’s logic goes, most snakes live deep in the jungle where most snake-book readers are unlikely to go, so it’s unlikely that those people would have to worry about an encounter.

That is to say, he aimed his boat’s guns at the capital building and ordered the sultan to hand the reins of the region over to him. He ruled Sarawak as its despotic king, or rajah, for twenty-five years. He made headhunting illegal, or at least a severely frowned upon activity, and all but ended centuries-old rivalries and warfare that split the interior tribes. Brooke and his native army also waged such successful campaigns against the coastal pirates that for the first time in history they began to steer clear of Sarawak’s coast.

The king cobra also makes Borneo its home. King cobras are the largest species of poisonous snakes, regularly reaching lengths of eighteen feet. Though their poison isn’t the most deadly in the animal kingdom, they dose it out in such large quantities that being bitten by one is far less attractive than many things you would always want to avoid, like being mauled by a polar bear or run over by a Cadillac. They rear up off the ground as high as five feet and can strike at a distance two-thirds of their length.

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