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By Joseph Conrad

The tale of a dull-witted yet compassionate English woman who falls in love with a wierd guy from japanese Europe. This ignorant, wild, and romantic peasant from the Carpathian Mountains has been solid up via the ocean, the single survivor from an emigrant send certain for the United States. not able to talk a notice of English and completely mystified as to the place he is—it could have been the US or Hell, itself—he leads a wretched and hunted life until the opportunity kindness of Amy Foster opens his eyes.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2003), p. 87. 66 Žižek, Less than Nothing, p. 52. 63 What Is It about Numbers? 41 The zero point of the particular is, however, the recuperation of a new particularity within the universal, within world literature. Philosophy and Literature in Times of Crisis discovers in precisely this gap between particular and universal, between sign and signified the space for forms of new life that diverge from what we are already familiar within our circumscribed daily routines hemmed in as they are by the parochial.

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