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Avid gamers who are looking to pass at the assault will locate the following a whole, competitive repertoire in line with 1e4. Fifty-one version games-all contemporary and not sooner than annotated in chess literature-form the guide's middle, and express tips to deal with the vast variety of attacking positions bobbing up from the prompt strains. With the underlying concept so basically defined, chess experts will comprehend precisely why to put the items on definite squares within the given constitution.

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Is a possible improvement. Kg1 Bd4+! Kh1 f6 and White can still fight, though Black has a large advantage. Qxf2 37…Rxb2! Rf2 Re3, White resigned. NewsId=52 (10 of 12)11/11/05 20:09:53 WCC Israel 2005 News Zhao Xue-Aronian: Analyzing the game From the third board game it is sufficient to show the position after move 21, which is a real picture. 5). A four-point lead, with two rounds to go, is usually sufficient to ensure the victory. NewsId=52 (11 of 12)11/11/05 20:09:53 WCC Israel 2005 News and anything but a 4:0 result would be a surprise, whereas China confronts Armenia.

The match has been decided on the third board. NewsId=51 (3 of 11)11/11/05 20:04:01 WCC Israel 2005 News The struggle takes place on the g file. Black, with the move, exploits it with surprising ease. 29…Rg5! Qe2? Qd1! Qg7! 32. Qf1, which is also quite bad for White. 30…Qg6! Kg1 Rh1+ and White resigned. 5 against Armenia. On the top board of this match two elite players discussed the pin motif. Nb6! b3, but… 26…Nc6! b3 And what now, isn't the pinned bishop doomed? NewsId=51 (5 of 11)11/11/05 20:04:01 WCC Israel 2005 News 27…Rb5!

Qe1! Ne6 etc. fxe4 Nxg2) Nxh3! 36. Kh1 Qf4! Kg1 Qg3+ 49. Kh1 49…Qc3! The easiest win: the rook has no refuge. Rb1 Qd3 51. Kg1 Qd4+, White resigned. Despite their great results the Chinese are still far away from winning the championship. Russia breathes down their neck after winning all its matches so far. A. Svidler was stopped by Onischuk, who surprised his opponent in the opening. NewsId=50 (4 of 11)11/11/05 19:58:49 WCC Israel 2005 News On his last move Black played 11…Be6! b4 with a draw. This in itself is far from exciting - the juicy part remained behind the scenes.

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