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By Judson Knight

Profiles of sixty women and men who formed the traditional civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, China, Asia Minor, and different locations.

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Aristotle and Pythias fled to the isle of Lesbos (LEZ-bohs), where he conducted studies in the island’s natural history. Pythias died giving birth to a daughter. In the midst of this second tragedy, Aristotle received an intriguing offer from King Philip. The king asked him to return to the Macedonian court in order to tutor his high-spirited son Alexander, then a boy of thirteen years. ), the greatest conqueror of all time. Aristotle tutored Alexander for four years. Then Philip gave him another job, overseeing the restoration of Stagira, which had been destroyed in a war.

For this reason, Akhenaton’s reign is known as the Amarna Period. ” Rather than take his old court with him from Thebes, Akhenaton surrounded himself with an entirely new group of associates. In keeping with Akhenaton’s radical departure from past ways, sculpture during the Amarna Period underwent a remarkable change. Prior to that time, Egyptian artwork had been very stiff and unreal-looking, with the pharaoh depicted as a man twice as tall as ordinary men. Amarna sculptors went in the opposite direction.

Alexander began plotting the conquest of Arabia. But he was unraveling both physically and emotionally, and he had taken to heavy drinking. He caught a fever and was soon unable to move or speak. During the last days of his life, Alexander—the man of action—was forced to lie on his bed while all his commanders filed by in solemn tribute to the great man who had 12 Ancient Civilizations: Biographies led them where no conqueror had ever gone. , he died before ever reaching his thirty-third birthday.

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